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How fasting changed my life

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May 20, 2021
1 min
Written by
Dr. Sara Diana Garduno Diaz
PhD & Senior Nutrition Consultant

Hi! I am Klaudia

I manage our women-only community.

Intermittent fasting has completely changed my life, helped me to adopt good habits, and improve my overall health!

My transformation with fasting

And today, I would like to tell you how a community helped me in my weight loss journey!

  • Motivation – being in the group with the same interest is amazing! It is a perfect place to mutually motivate each other to keep going.
  • Support – I was sharing my ups and downs and I was able to find people with the same struggles as mines, which made it easier to cope!
  • Knowledge – I got to know a lot interesting stuff from people in the group, which helped me a lot during my journey
  • Celebrating success – Oh my it is such an amazing feeling when you post about your little progress and a lot of people celebrate it with you!

It made me even prouder and happy about my progress. Belonging to the right community can help you sustain your lifestyle.

So do not hesitate and join our amazing community for women on their intermittent fasting journey!
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