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OMAD Success Stories

Intermittent fasting protocol OMAD allows you to get results faster than other methods. Read success stories that were achieved thanks to OMAD.
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One Meal a Day or OMAD is one of the intermittent fasting methods and a great way to achieve good results in losing weight and improving overall health. Read in this article amazing success stories of women whom OMAD helped to accomplish desirable results.

Written by
Vera Bokor
Health and Wellbeing Coach

What happens to a woman who eats once a day?

OMAD helps to achieve different results from weight loss to health improvement. And if you are still concerned about its efficacy and complexity, we introduce to you Daria, Julie, Laura and Natalie.

1. Daria’s OMAD diet success story

Woman who lost weight with OMAD for a special event.

Daria is a 35-years old accountant living in the UK. She became a mother eleven years ago and since then could never lose more than half a stone (7 pounds) and she’s got what is called “mummy belly” (she thought). 

She was introduced to intermittent fasting in august 2020 and she found out that OMAD suits her the most. It is comfortable, doesn’t require a lot of time and actually gives you more free time, so Daria was able to cook healthy, nutritional, whole food meals for her and her family. 

Daria wanted to get in shape until the end of October 2020 because she needed to look great for a very special event. In two and a half months she lost almost two stones (28 pounds). Her hip pain went away and she fixed her issue with sleeping, which also was affecting her ability to lose weight. 

In the second picture, you can see that her wish to look amazing for the event came true and she keeps the lost weight off. 

2. Julie’s Keto OMAD success story

Woman who improved her skin and lost weight with OMAD for her wedding.

Julie 27, is self-employed, lives in Russia and all her life she was suffering from acne and skin rashes. Doctors and beauticians couldn’t help her. She tried all the possible face treatments, creams, and medications with no success.

Julie had to prepare for her wedding in September 2021 and she decided to get a consultation about intermittent fasting, in order to change these conditions from the inside by changing the diet, rather than outside with creams.  

Working on her diet and deciding to follow OMAD, the desirable result was achieved within one month. She eliminated foods that could cause allergic reactions and digestive problems, which usually lead to skin complications, and reduced inflammation in the body by having long fasting windows and following ketogenic diet. Gentle detox which keto and fasting helped Julie clean her body from the inside which had a positive effect not only on her skin but also on her shape and level of energy. As a bonus, Julie got rid of swelling.

On the 14th of September 2021, Julie was a very happy and beautiful bride! 

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3. Laura’s success OMAD story with no dieting

Woman who lost weight with OMAD without any diet plan.

Laura is a 37-years old logistic manager in a big company, currently working from home in the UK. After being in lockdown and working from home, she increased her food intake and did not add any physical activity, Laura realized that she doesn’t fit in her favourite jeans anymore. Furthermore, to add on top of these issues she started feeling sluggish, tired, and couldn’t concentrate for more than a few minutes, her brain was foggy all the time and it greatly affected her productivity.

Laura started doing intermittent fasting in August 2020. Her goal was to get back in shape with ease and with minimal effort due to her daily schedule. 

Laura has drastically improved her lifestyle, starting by taking simple steps. She enjoys intermittent fasting without following any diet plan.

Laura achieved her goal to fit in her favourite jeans in five months and enjoys the way she feels and looks a lot. 

4. Natalie’s story

Woman who lost weight with OMAD for balancing her hormones.

Natalie is a young woman and the mother of a beautiful son. Natalie didn’t have an intention to lose weight or change the shape of her body. Her only desire was to become a mother again.  Being skinny doesn’t always mean being healthy. Having an unbalanced diet changed her hormonal state and caused difficulties with getting pregnant.

Natalie was focused on balancing her hormones by fasting and making her health stronger, that’s why she decided to implement OMAD intermittent fasting plan into her lifestyle. Within two months Natalie balanced her sex and thyroid hormones, lovered her insulin, lost some weight and became pregnant. 

Now Natalie is enjoying motherhood, keeping a healthy diet and practising a 12 to 14 hours eating break.

The bottom line

It might seem to be quite difficult to have only one meal a day, but the practice shows that this intermittent fasting protocol is quite easy to follow, especially for women, especially if your only meal is nutritious and nourishing.


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